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Sameer Al Wadad General Maintenance Abu Dhabi

The process of deciding what maintenance work to do and how to do it is known as maintenance planning. A robust maintenance plan is built on the "why" of maintenance work and must be reviewed on a regular basis as new data becomes available.

These steps make up this process:

  • Select the problem
  • Check the element and its location
  • Select how best to do the job
  • You have the resources and parts you need
  • Prioritize your work
  • Plan and finish work orders
  • Information Collection and Monitoring

General maintenance in Abu Dhabi may include a variety of tasks, depending on the particular business or organization. Maintenance includes cleaning public areas, picking up trash on a regular basis, and restoring broken items. The need for inspection, maintenance and repair work may arise on the electrical, heating and cooling systems.

Responsibility for maintaining and repairing state property rests with the maintenance program or company doing work for that purpose in your state. Public investment in the system is maintained through proper maintenance, which also ensures that the system continues to provide the greatest possible benefits to the mobile audience.

The maintenance department is responsible for handling all systems, repairs, and routine maintenance to keep the facility running every day. Other employees often take the majority of the maintenance team's jobs for granted. In other words, they want to keep the building clean, remove this snow in the winter, and this air conditioner will run in the summer.

Apartment complexes are a form of business that has diverse needs. Management is responsible for cleaning and repairing units while tenants move in and out, as well as maintaining the property's lawn and landscaping. Appliance repair or pest control issues are the first things residents ask for on work orders. Public places also require cleaning.

paint works

Interior and Exterior Paint Works

What color should I choose? This is the most common query we receive from clients as a paint company in Abu Dhabi. Actually, this is a very good question! After all, they will have to live with this choice for a very long time, and many individuals find it difficult.

It is generally accepted that visually appealing color combinations consist of gradations that are thought to harmonize or complement each other. Colors that contrast or do not complement each other are not harmonious.

We always start with the dominant color, which is the wall color. What color are your walls? So take a peek. What color are the facades of other houses in your neighborhood? Are you fond of them? Check the clothes in your closet. Since color associations are very subjective, this may actually reveal your favorite color.

You'll be familiar with many shapes thanks to elements such as the color of the roof, bushes, and neighboring buildings. While it shouldn't completely dictate your choice of colors, it shouldn't conflict with it.

In addition to having some white walls in my house, we painted several white walls for clients. You probably prefer to have white walls in your home! But if those walls are white just because you have no idea what color to choose, maybe you should take another look at them today.

Flooring works

Flooring works / ceramics - marble - Basco - granite in Abu Dhabi

Confused about choosing marble or tile for flooring? Here, we provide you with a comprehensive explanation and comparison of the two roof materials to help you make the most appropriate decision for the features of your particular home. Making the best decision and choosing the most appropriate solution for your needs will be easier for you if you are aware of these differences.

The nuances and multiple colors of the marble were the result of the geo-formation processes that took place. Additionally, tiles come in a variety of materials, including terra cotta, quarry tiles, glass, and even porcelain. These selections can be used as wall and floor tiles. Tiles are cheaper than marble.

This is because while marble is a natural stone, tiles are man-made and require expensive quarrying and extraction techniques. In addition, only high-quality marble has good aesthetics and is very expensive. Personal preference is what ultimately determines whether the floor is made of marble or granite. Either option is a great decision.

In addition to those selections for floors and countertops, we also specialize in porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain slabs, mosaics, and wall tiles. We have several years of experience and we are the largest importer of tiles as a general maintenance company in Abu Dhabi. We offer high quality flooring options at affordable prices.

Concrete works

Concrete works

Concrete is a structural material used for structures made of cement, water, and aggregate or chemically inert solid particles (usually sand and gravel).

Clay was the most commonly used bonding material among the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians. The Egyptians were able to produce a composition closer to contemporary concrete by using lime and gypsum as a binder. Lime (calcium oxide), obtained from limestone, chalk or (when available) oyster shells, continued to be the primary pozzolanic or cement-forming agent until the early 19th century.

In our organization we also provide concrete working facilities to our clients. We have a wide range of trusted clients in this field. Concrete can be distinguished depending on the type of cement or aggregate used, the properties it possesses, or the methods used to create it. The ratio of cement to water has a significant impact on the behavior of conventional structural concrete.

Low water content makes concrete stronger when all other components are held together. To make sure that the cement putty completely surrounds every particle of aggregate, seals any gaps between the aggregates, and makes the concrete liquid enough to pour and spread effectively, the mixture must get the right amount of water.

electrical services

Electrical Services Abu Dhabi

Electricity and humans are so closely related that it is almost impossible to live independently of it. You can live completely off the grid and escape from the world of tangled lines of energy, but the energy is present even in the most remote parts of the world. If storm clouds not above them light up or crackle in a constant spark at your fingertips, they move through the human nervous system, activating the brain's will in every irrepressible boom, puff and heartbeat.

Lightning strikes when the same mysterious energy activates a loved one's touch, producing a strange duality: one moment we take electricity for granted, the next we marvel at its power.

Our bodies and planet are powered by electricity. Its power can be used for both imaginary and mundane magic, and for everyday activities such as taking out a "Star Wars" disc from your computer or toasting bread. Everywhere is caused by the movement of charged particles such as electrons.

plumbing works

Plumbing Works Abu Dhabi

Doing wisely with the plumber at any company you choose leads to better work and cost savings. Get an official estimate before work begins, whether you need repairs or a remodel.

To be used as a tube type. Copper pipe is very durable but expensive and can be used for ventilation lines, drain lines, and water supply lines. Cast iron pipes, which can only be used for drain lines, are also very durable but difficult to work with. Be sure to let us know in advance if you would like these items. If not, the plumber may replace the less expensive steel or plastic pipes.

The locations of the fixtures and the paths that the pipes take. Sometimes, a few inches can drastically change how difficult a task is. You may encounter opposition when asked to install the sink slightly to the left to make room for a trash can if you don't clearly state what you want (preferably in a design or plan).

Who clears the floors, does wall-to-wall repairs, hangs the sink, does the carpentry, and removes debris? If none of these tasks are mentioned in your agreement, don't assume they are. We will help you in any way possible to solve your problem.